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* June/July 2003
Hopefully the 2nd parts to The Woodsmen and The Mercy Beyond Belief fanfics will be out!
* Collaging
I will try to do more for Challenges!

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vintage_truths2 [mono]
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vintage_truths [color]
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we no longer
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    [vintage_truths] - for the tere's creative arts challenge for a VINTAGE piece, so i did a scully/mulder collage about truths between them, or how it is them versus themselves or each other, something like that. about blood, flesh, being human truths. i have the monotone version and color version...i like the latter better though. quote is "Long years must pass before the truths we have made for ourselves become our very flesh." Paul Ambroise Valery (1871-1945), French poet, "La Jeune Parque," "Le Cimitiere Marin"

    [we no longer] - took about 2 hours, just a little something for the heck of it, wanted some scully angst, thought of the death/blood/life as a quote, this was good and set things around that. great episodes, the moment of scully/mulder together, wow...angst!

    [scully_dark] - for the tere's creative arts challenge for a DARK piece, so i did a scully collage. used alot of horrific or sad images from her life, ie freshbones, red/back, milagro, all things, unruhe, redux...mixed with color and blend, wola! magic. the quote is from someone, forgot...

Thanks for dropping by! I've got alot of collages I made, fanfiction i wrote that are mostly scully-angst, reviews of all 9 seasons of the show via the A-F grading system. Feel free to email me!

Reason why I use to like/hate the show: Characters - you cant get any better than Mulder and Scully! Twists - more questions than answers for 9 years! Government - big brother is out to get us! Paranormal - strange things happen and no one knows why! Plot - just generally good storytelling!

Programs I used to make this website: For coding/html I use Ultraedit, an awesome text editor. I handcode everything because it's the way I learned, it's easy and it's clean. For collaging/images I use Photoshop, the best graphics utility out there! Most collages take about 1 hour to two/three hours.

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